The Photographer’s Screwdriver

The Photographer’s Screwdriver is a tool to calculate the depth of field (dof), hyperfocal distance, angle of view (aov) and the number of frames required for creating panoramic images. The Photographer’s Screwdriver is a Java program designed to run on mobile phones. It is available to be downloaded for free.

Supported Cameras

The Photographer’s Screwdriver supports both digital and film SLR cameras. The type of camera is set in the options screen. Users of 35 mm film SLR cameras and full frame digital SLR cameras (e.g. Canon EOS 1D, Canon EOS 5D mk II, Nikon D3) should select ’35 mm SLR’. Most digital SLR camera have a sensor smaller than 35 mm, referred to as the crop factor. The Nikon D300, D80 and D50, Pentax *ist, Sony a700, a350 have a crop factor of 1.5. The Canon EOS 50D, 450D and 400D have a crop factor of 1.6. The Canon 1D Mark II has a crop factor of 1.3. The Olympus E-520, E-420, E-330 and all other cameras based on the Four Thirds (4/3) standard have a crop factor of 2.0 . All of these crop factors are available in the options screen.

Download and install
It is possible to download the program to your computer and then transfer it to your phone using a cable, bluetooth or IR. Please refer to your phone’s instruction manual for how to do this. Alternately, connect to
‘’ to download the program directly to your phone. The program is about 17 kb.

If you find this program useful and would like make a donation, please use the button below. Suggested donation is a cup of coffee or
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Current Version 1.2-191106

Download as a zip file

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